A little Joy bracelet

A little Joy bracelet

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"a Littles" Bracelets from Joma make the perfect gift!

At The Little Tin House we’ve always believed in the power of sentiment that’s why so many of our products have meaningful messages to uplift, inspire and become a token of love no matter who they’re sent to 

For a touch of sparkle, discover your favourite bracelet from Joma Jewellery, or stack them high for added shine.


Metal Type: Silver Plated Brass
Dimensions: 17.5cm Stretch



This little butterfly brings good things it spreads a little joy as it flutters its wings



All plated jewellery tarnishes over time, but these best care practices can help your jewellery live the life it deserves:


  • Clean with a dry and soft cloth to maintain shine. Do not use silver cleaner or silver dip and try to avoid overcleaning.
  • Stash jewellery away individually to keep it scratch-free.
  • Avoid chemical agents, such as detergents, bleaches, ammonia, chlorine, perfumes, body creams and hairspray.